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I continue to use the tools that I learned from Lauren both in my personal life and in my professional career. They have enabled me to develop more meaningful and lasting relationships and I thank Lauren for this.

Deborah G. Walston - Training & Development Manager, CSC

I thank Lauren for reminding me that the main accountability I have is to myself. She holds up the mirror and helps me focus on the growth and development that I want to make happen for a more fulfilling life.

Carol Olson-Johnson - U.S. Director of Talent Development, ING

I was able to bring the tool, the Rat Brain Loop, back to my personal and professional life. I suddenly saw how frequently I act on my false assumptions. Being able to test them out has led me to make fewer mistakes, saves me time, and I get a much better end result.

Judy Kuhn - Organizational Development Consultant, Motorola

Lauren has charisma, enthusiasm, focus, determination, personality and, most of all, the interpersonal and coaching skills that were desperately needed in our company. Aside from possessing the skills, she was great at transferring them to her audience.

Willie Alexander - Plant & Operations Manager, Johnson & Johnson