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Change is tough.  Especially in organizations.  But it can be done—very successfully sometimes.  In the old days, initiatives were thought to work only if they came from the top down.  There’s no doubt that having high-level sponsorship certainly helps a change effort.

But current research shows the dynamism of how an organization truly transforms.  The experience is far more interesting, organic, and unpredictable than any of us realized.  The heart of change lives within the people who must enact it. This calls for radical levels of inclusion, courage, and openness. The fun starts here!

Powers’ Elements of Organization Transformation:

  • BELIEFS:  Addressing negative assumptions & creating possibility
  • RISK:  Fostering creativity and learning from mistakes
  • INCLUSION: Engaging the people who must enact the change in the design and implementation of it.
  • CONFLICT: Participating in important conversations skillfully
  • COMMUNICATION:  Communication, communication.
  • POWER/STATUS:  Encouraging decision-making throughout the hierarchy

I have twenty years of (sometimes painful!) experience about what really works about changing organizations.  If your company has more that just you in it, having some friendly support in negotiating change might be just the ticket.