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This is a wild, risky, chaotic time to be alive.  And as a leader, you need all the skills and tools available to face this adventure successfully.  Fortunately, I have access to a lot of them and I’m delighted to share!

  • Knowing “who you are” is the foundation:  What your strengths are, what your values are, what your impact is.
  • Second is clarifying who you are becoming: What you aspire to, what you are creating, what you want to experience.
  • Then, some bold action is called for: Maintaining your self-belief, encouraging & inspiring others, owning your part in conflicts, taking a stand, achieving outrageous goals.

Throughout this journey, I’m in it with you.  As a Master Certified Coach, I’ve been an ally by the side of powerful leaders for over 15 years.  And I am completely committed to your greatness—possibly even more than you are!

Depending on your preferences and needs, the structure for our coaching can look any number of ways:

  • We might do a 6-month program of three one-hour phone calls a month.
  • Or we could do an in-person kick-off of several hours and twelve coaching calls over a year.
  • Or we could talk every day for two weeks.

You get to design what works best for your goals and learning style.   We’ll use the Co-Active Approach which means we’re in an alliance together, an equal partnership, entirely focused on forwarding your agenda.

I offer a free, no obligation one-hour coaching session to discover where you are in your life and what you’d like to change.  This gives the two of us a sense of your direction and our chemistry. Then, we can both decide what our next steps are.