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Lauren Powers has over twenty years of experience with organizational change and individual learning. She’s an executive coach to people in Fortune 500 companies, is a senior faculty member with The Coaches Training Institute, and travels the world teaching and speaking about Self Smarts.  Lauren is also the author of The Trouble with Thinking, a book about how our perceptions create our realities.

Lauren’s consulting career has been about supporting people in initiating and sustaining change. With clients as varied as Shantou University, Tom Group, Royal Bank of Scotland, YSC Consulting, Wells Fargo Bank, CSC, Verizon, Amerus Insurance, ING, Johnson & Johnson, and American Express she supports people in transforming themselves and the culture around them.  As a speaker and author, she entertains and educates her audiences about how much power they have, right between the ears, over their own life, relationships, and careers. 

Lauren is also a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), a Master Certified Coach (MCC), and is dedicated to her clients’ goals around creating choices, improving impact, and gaining freedom.  And, naturally, having some good laughs along the way.