“Being great is a conscious choice.” -Jim Collins

How do organizations improve? How do people develop? How do you transform yourself?

I bring everything in the known universe to help people and organizations move beyond, way beyond, business as usual. And the most powerful tool for change is between our ears. Habits of thought keep us limited. The good stuff we want in our lives—accomplishment, creativity, fulfillment, meaning—all depend on our mindset. Transform your thinking & feeling and the rest is history. As a master coach, I believe this kind of change is evolution—the forwarding of the human story. For me, it’s the best work ever.


The Water We
Swim In

Two young fish are swimming along. An old fish passes by and says, “How’s the water!?” After he’s gone the younger fish turns to the other and asks, “What water?” We humans are a lot like that young fish. We’re just hanging out in some water—mostly with similar fish, where we swim, play, eat, fight, have babies—living life. What we hardly notice is the

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Deciding to Be Creative

In the hero’s journey, the classic first step a hero takes is to refuse to go.  Seriously why would you leave the comfort of the usual?  You know what to do, you know who’ll be there, you know how to get around. There’s a lot to be said for predictability and ease. Shifting from the Ordinary World to the Unknown World is a major

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